9 Best Luxurious Swedish Car Brands

9 Best Luxurious Swedish Car Brands

Volvo is the most popular Swedish car brand internationally that is identified for producing high-quality, secure vehicles. The company's founding since 1927, safety has been a pillar of the Volvo brand. Companies have established a number of innovative security protocols throughout the years which have changed the industry.

1. Volvo

Scania is a renowned producer of trucks and buses known for their dependability and efficiency with a focus on commercial vehicles. Scania, which has been operating since 1891 that is recognized as a reliable brand in the transportation sector. Their buses and trucks are well-known for their great performance, durable design and cost-effectiveness.

2. Scania

Koenigsegg is a luxury sports car manufacturer that specializes in building highly advanced and high-performance hypercars. The Swedish automaker established in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg that is immediately established a reputation for itself via its unrelenting search of speed & cutting-edge technology.

3. Koenigsegg

4. Polestar

Originally a performance division of Volvo, Polestar has now become a standalone electric vehicle brand producing powerful and stylish EVs. Polestar was founded in 1996 as a racing team by Jan Andersson and Christian Dahl. They became known throughout time for their proficiency in modifying Volvo automobiles for use in high-performance racing.


With a focus on electric mobility, NEVS aims to produce sustainable transportation solutions by reviving the Saab brand with electric vehicles. With the aim of revolutionizing the automobile sector, NEVS in short for National Electric Vehicle Sweden that offers environmentally friendly transportation options. NEVS got its start in 2012 when it bought the assets of the Swedish automaker Saab Automobile AB, which had filed for bankruptcy.

6. Saab

Saab, a Swedish company that is no longer in business, was well-known for its distinctive looks and high-performance automobiles. After being established in 1945, Saab immediately gained a reputation for its creative engineering and aerodynamic designs. The brand stood out from its rivals due to its dedication to breaking through barriers and producing vehicles that were both fashionable and efficient.

7. Borgward

While originally from Germany, Borgward has seen a revival with Chinese ownership and produces luxury SUVs aimed at the global market. Borgward, formerly a popular German automaker in the 1950s and 1960s, was revived under Chinese ownership in 2008. The company now concentrates on building high-end SUVs for the international market.

8. Uniti

An upcoming Swedish car brand specializing in electric urban mobility, Uniti aims to produce compact electric vehicles with cutting-edge technology and sustainability in mind. By providing technologically cutting-edge and environmentally friendly compact electric vehicles, Uniti seeks to transform urban travel.

9. Artega

Artega is a German-based company founded by a Swedish entrepreneur that specializes in creating handcrafted sports cars for enthusiasts wanting the highest levels of quality and driving performance. The business takes great joy in its attention to details and dedication to providing a thrilling driving experience.