Why Do Spare Tires Have Higher PSI?

Here are five possible reasons for why spare tires have higher PSI:

1. Load support:

Spare tires are designed to support the weight of the vehicle in emergency situations. The higher recommended tire pressure helps distribute the load evenly and prevent excessive stress on the tire.

Spare tires are often smaller in size compared to regular tires. Increasing the tire pressure helps compensate for their smaller size and maintain adequate load capacity.

2. Weight optimization:

Higher tire pressure can enhance the stability and handling of a vehicle, especially when traveling at low speeds or over short distances with a spare tire.

3. Improved stability:

4. Minimizing damage risk:

The increased pressure reduces the likelihood of sidewall damage or bead separation when mounting or dismounting the spare tire onto the rim.

5. Protection from rim damage:

The higher PSI helps create a firmer contact patch between the spare tire and rim, reducing the risk of rim damage from impacts or road hazards.