How To Polish Aluminum Wheels at Home

1. Prepare the wheels

To begin, thoroughly clean the aluminum wheels to get rid of any debris, muck, or brake dust. You should Scrub the surface with a soft-bristle brush and a mild soap as well as water mixture or a special wheel cleaner.

2. Select a polish

Choose an aluminum wheel polish that is specifically designed for use on aluminum surfaces. Avoid polishes with abrasive compounds as they can damage the wheels' finish.

3. Apply the polish

Begin applying the polish to small sections of the wheel at a time. Use a clean, lint-free cloth or applicator pad and work in circular motions to apply an even coat of polish on the surface.

4. Polish in phases

It is recommended to work on a single item at a time with the goal to avoid the polish from drying excessively rapidly. Each wheel should have one quarter polished before moving on to the next quarter and polishing the remaining sections.

5. Buffing process

With another clean cloth or buffing pad, start buffing the polish onto each section of the wheel using circular motions. Apply moderate pressure while buffing to help eliminate any oxidation or scratches effectively.

6. Check progress frequently

To make sure you're getting good results while polishing, it's crucial to constantly assess your progress. This will also enable you to pinpoint any places in need of more care.

7. Rinse and protect

After completing the polishing process, rinse off any residue from the wheels with clean water and dry them thoroughly using a microfiber cloth.