Most Popular Car Brands That Start With "O"

1. Opel:

Opel is a renowned car brand that begins with the letter O. Originating from Germany, Opel has a rich background that traces back to 1862. Initially established as a manufacturer of sewing machines by Adam Opel, the company later ventured into bicycles before finally entering the automotive realm in 1899.

2. Oldsmobile:

Formerly an American automaker, Oldsmobile was known for its innovation and introduced many industry-first features.

3. Oshkosh:

A manufacturer of specialty vehicles such as military trucks and fire apparatus.

4. Osca:

An Italian automaker that specialized in producing racing cars during the 1950s and 1960s.

5. Ohtsu:

Ohtsu, a Japanese car manufacturer established in 1968, has been actively producing automobiles. Despite not attaining the same level of recognition as its prominent rivals, Ohtsu has managed to secure a significant market presence.

6. Osella

In 1965, Enzo Osella founded Osella, a prominent Italian car brand renowned for its expertise in motorsports and dedication to crafting high-performance racing cars.

7. Overland:

An American automaker that produced vehicles from the early 20th century until the 1920s.

8. Otosan:

A Turkish automotive company, part of Ford Otosan, specializing in commercial vehicles and pickup trucks.